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Why did we start this foundation?

We focus on eliminating the gender gap women face in the STEM field by encouraging and educating our female youth.  

Our organization recognizes the gender gap and wage gap issues prominent within the STEM field. The root of these major issues is girls tend to get discouraged from partaking in science-based interests for a variety of reasons including peer pressure, an absence of role models, a lack of support from parents/teachers, and misperceptions of the STEM field.

In order to address this problem, we created Triangle STEM Foundation to help educate young women whilst encouraging them to pursue interests in STEM. We decided to begin at a local level and provide young women with scholarships to local STEM programs and educational tools to facilitate an empowering educational environment. By educating the youth, we are opening up opportunities for young women and helping eliminate racial and gender disparities for the future of our society.

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