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TSF's Mission

Our Vision is to...

Design a world where all women get to shape the course of their lives and attain the unimaginable.

Our Goal is to...

Raise public awareness about gender discrepancies in the STEM field whilst providing opportunities to young women and encouraging them to pursue STEM careers.

We believe all women have the power to embrace who they are,
 define their future, and change the world.

We Need Your Support Today!

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Did You Know?

The rate of young women interested in STEM is steadily rising.

According to Talent Works

"A 2018 study in the US showed that 74% of girls and young women expressed a desire to work in a STEM-related role. 

Middle school girls that join STEM clubs are 74% more likely to study computer science in high school than those that don’t. However, only 18% of US computer science bachelor’s degrees are awarded to women, so something is stopping young women from pursuing these career paths once they leave high school."

We're here to put a stop to that "something" inhibiting young women from achieving their STEM goals.

We're here to do this with you.

Triangle STEM Foundation

We are a registered 501(c) 3 non-profit organization determined to help encourage young women find their passionate futures in STEM.


Registered Charity: DLN -265053669001579

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